About us:



Michael Patton & Associates is a radio broadcasting systems integrator and equipment repair firm, providing in-shop equipment repair, on-site transmitter rebuilding, AM & FM facility design & construction, and AM DA equipment and site design, construction & maintenance services to AM & FM stations all over America and abroad.  MP&A is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and strive to achieve the highest standards of reliability and safety while keeping the prices our clients pay reasonable.





History of Firm:

Michael Patton (click here to e-mail him), the founder and owner of MP&A, has been in the radio engineering field since he was in high school in the early 1970s.  He has has been in the contract engineering business since 1983 and is proud to have served radio stations and group owners all over the United States and abroad since then.  Michael Patton & Associates was born in 1988; since then MP&A has built over 135 radio studios, including over 30 digital facilities, plus numerous AM and FM transmitter facilities from the ground up, from translators all the way up to 50 KW AM DA sites and multi-station high-power FM facilities.   Along the way, Michael and his associates have installed, tuned and/or repaired almost every brand and every model of broadcast gear.


MP&A Today:

As of spring 2016, MP&A is proud to employ on a full-time basis two very talented bench technicians (James Scullin, the workbench manager, and Anthony Babin) and an IT Director/office manager (Frank McIntyre), plus two part-time equipment fabrication and site construction technicians, Justin Dominguez and Matt Scullin.  Our senior field engineer, computer coder, CAD tech, and overall Smart Guy is Lynn Dortch.


 Current Offerings:

While we continue to offer a comprehensive array of engineering services to radio stations, our emphasis currently is on the following areas:

*Various types of equipment repair in our shop.

*AM & FM Transmitter rebuilding and retuning, in-house or on-site,

*Several types of custom-made pieces of gear and upgrades for existing equipment,

*AM DA phasor & ATU equipment design and fabrication,

*AM ND and DA transmitter site construction, tuning and proofing,

*FM transmitter site construction,

Studio Construction,

Used Gear for sale.

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Look Around:

Please feel free to browse the rest of our site; on the right side are links where you can read a bit about several of our notable past projects and see pictures of many of them, where you can learn more about our staff, check out our references and send us a message.  Whether you are an owner or manager, a station engineer, a group chief, or a consultant, I hope that you will contact us if we can help you with your next radio engineering project.


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