Flat-rate Repair prices

Here is a list of gear that we repair for a fixed price:

Note:  Unless otherwise specified, all prices include all parts and labor.  We replace all electrolytic capacitors and other life-limited devices, repair any problems, comply with any relevant factory service bulletin upgrades, and perform a full fuctionality test and/or calibration.  Units carry our usual 90-day warranty; for details on that, see our terms and conditions page.

Harris SX and Gates Series transmitter modules/boards/assemblies:

SX and Gates Series PA boards (with metal case FETs):  $1100

SX and Gates Series PA boards (with plastic case FETs):  $900

SX and Gates Series PDM amp modules:  $500 (to upgrade to fused pull-up boards, add $250)

SX and Gates Series PDM generator boards:  $500

SX and Gates Series RF oscillator boards:  $400 (and check out our oscillator board retrofit here)

SX Series Status & Multimeter boards:  $600