Bench Repairs:


MP&A has a workbench with a comprehensive set of audio and RF test and measurement equipment at hand, plus an extensive inventory of ICs, transistors, passive components, and special hardware needed to repair, retune, align, and calibrate many types of broadcast equipment. STLs, remote controls, audio processing, even audio consoles can be made as good as new in our facility. We repair most manufacturers' equipment, including Moseley, TFT, Marti (except RPUs - contact Bohn Broadcast), QEI, Inovonics, Orban, CRL, Burk, Gentner, and many others. We can usually beat the manufacturer's prices and turnaround times, plus we give each piece of equipment that passes through our shop our close personal attention.


Our favorite types of gear to repair:

Although we repair many types of broadcast equipment, we consider ourselves experts with several particular pieces of gear.  These include (but aren't limited to):

  • Potomac AM-19 antenna monitors:  MP&A has rebuilt these units for some years now.  We have developed several retrofits for these units, including replacements for the original mercury-wetted reed relays, updated power supply capacitor kits which use modern capacitor types, LED indicator lamp replacements, and replacements for the original termination resistors, which are no longer available from Potomac.  We stock a complete set of parts for these monitors.

  • Harris MW-1 and SX series transmitter support:  Harris has walked away from any parts or technical support for these units, even though there are still hundreds in the field.  Although we are a small firm, we have boldly stepped into this void to offer parts and service for this large installed base.  In addition to locating sources for most of the parts out of these units (including many hard-to-find ICs and transistors), we have a large inventory of gently-used parts and assemblies for MW-1 and SX series transmitters. We maintain an MW-1 and an SX-1 transmitter in working condition in our test bay as test beds.  We use and sell selected and tested upgraded transistor types--much more robust than the originals--for use on MW-1 RF/PA modules, and can rebuild/upgrade any MW-1 or SX-series transmitter module in our shop quickly and reliably.  We also rebuild and retune these units in the field.  Let us know what you need; we have it, or can get it, almost certainly.

  • Omnitronix/LPB/Continental AM transmitter support:  For years, Omnitronix built and sold transmitters, both under their own name, and under contract for Continental, with Continental livery.  After that, they were bought by the then-new owners of LPB and made units under that name, alongside the low-power transmitters that LPB was famous for.  After several years, LPB shut down, leaving these units orphans.  In the last couple of years, we have chosen to shoulder the load of providing factory-level depot service, field service, and parts for their large installed base of AM transmitters, under all the names, and both high-and low-power transmitter models.  We have a working 1 KW unit in our test bay to serve as a test bed, plus a custom test jig for their PA modules.  We can rebuild and test any module from any model transmitter they made on our bench, and we can repair/retune entire transmitters, either in our shop or in the field.  Call or email to discuss how we can help to keep your Omnitronix/LPB/Continental AM gear healthy and reliable.

  • Energy-Onix AM & FM transmitter support:  We offer in-shop and field repairs on these transmitters, made orphans by the death of Bernie Wise and the subsequent closing of the firm in 2014.  We can rebuild and test any module from any model transmitter they made on our bench, and we can repair/retune entire transmitters, either in our shop or in the field.  Call or email to discuss how we can help to keep your Energy-Onix gear on-air and and reliable.

  • Orban audio processing units: We rebuild a number of Optimod audio processors every year, and stock hard-to-find ICs and many other parts for most Orban gear.  Our firm is one of only three firms listed on the Orban website as having the factory's blessing to repair and rebuild their older gear.

  • FM RF power amplifier "bricks":  MP&A has a complete test setup for these 250-1000W units used as drivers/IPAs in many high and medium power FM transmitters.  Our setup includes a frequency-agile exciter to generate RF drive, 12V, 28V, and 48V high-current power supplies, and complete analysis test gear.  We can repair units made by MMD, Delta, SVPA, Continental, BE and others.  We can also rebuild Harris Z-series FM transmitter PA modules.  In fact, MP&A can repair just about any older amplifier whose RF devices are still available (and we are pretty good at locating obsolete parts, too!), or we can often update your brick to use modern off-the-shelf "pallet amplifier" modules that use current-technology transistors but still will drop in, in place of the original.

Those are just our favorites.  In addition, we repair many types of gear:

  • STL transmitters & receivers
  • Remote pickup units
  • FM exciters & transmitters
  • AM & FM solid-state RF power amplifiers & modules
  • AM & FM modulation monitors
  • AM, FM, TV, and recording studio audio processing, analog and digital
  • Transmitter remote control equipment
  • Telephone hybrids
  • Audio consoles
  • Many other types of gear, too: if you can ship it to us, we can almost certainly fix it!


Partial list of gear on our workbench:

  • Audio Precision Portable One Dual Domain analog/didigtal audio test set
  • HP 3455 6-digit multimeter
  • HP 8901B modulation analyzer
  • HP4815 vector impedance meter
  • Anritsu MS420B network/spectrum analyzer
  • Racal-Dana 1992 3 GHz precision frequency counter
  • Tektronix DMM4020 5-1/2 digit multimeter
  • Tektonix TPS2024B 4-channel isolated-ground digital oscilloscope
  • Tektronix 492P spectrum analyzer w/tracking generator
  • Tektronix DA4084 audio distortion analyzer
  • Tektronix PS-280 triple power supply
  • Motorola R2200B communications service monitor
  • Wavetek 288 synthesized function generator


As you can see, we have a diverse set of first-class test gear--enough to ferret out just about any failure in any piece of broadcast equipment. Let us use all this cool gear to put your gear back in first-class shape. Call for a quote--we have fixed prices for most common types of gear, so repairing your blown equipment won't "blow" your budget, too.  The extremely difficult we do routinely; the impossible just takes a bit longer, is all.


Gear we do not repair in our shop:

We no longer repair Marti RPU units. We suggest Bohn Broadcasting for repairs on these types of gear.
We also do not take individual Symetrix 528E microphone processors, except from established clients, and preferably in bulk.