How to send equipment for repair:

Please pack your equipment well in a large-enough box (at least 2-3" on all sides) using bubble wrap, not just peanuts--or even better, have it professionally packed by a shipping expediter; that way, if it is damaged, they are clearly liable.  The major shippers will walk away from any attempt to make a claim, even on an insured shipment, if they can claim that it was "improperly packed".  

I highly urge you to insure your unit for its replacement value.  Even if damage is clearly the fault of the carrier, if it's not insured, you get nothing.

Here is a link to Fedex's packaging recommendations:

We recommend FedEx over UPS due to our bad experiences with the latter.  Unless a customer insists otherwise, all our outgoing domestic shipments will be with FedEx.

We don't require RMAs, but please include a cover letter with the following info:

  • Contact info (phone and email) for the person who will handle the transaction;
  • Contact info (phone and email) for a technical person if available;
  • Customer corporate name/callsign and both shipping and billing addresses;
  • A description of the problems/symptoms;
  • Any special requests or instructions.

Transmitter Shipping:

If you are shipping a transmitter to our shop for retuning, repair, or sale - please be certain to:

  • Arrange for delivery with a liftgate;
  • Require 24 hour notice of arrival;
  • Forward to us a copy of any Bill of Lading or tracking information;
  • Be sure to tie down transmitter to pallet, and wrap unit in plastic;
  • Attach a copy of the Bill of Lading to the unit.

We ship transmitters across the entire United States and are well-versed in the process. We would be happy to make the arrangements for you, or if you wish, you may use our shipping expediter:


Payment Procedures:

Unless otherwise established in advance, payment for repairs or used gear bought is due in full prior to shipment. On some gear with high parts cost, a down payment may be required before parts are ordered, with the balance paid before shipment. Generally speaking, we will contact you for payment once your gear is here and we know the cost; from that point the equipment can usually be shipped within a week.

We take credit cards, Paypal and bank transfers, in addition to checks.  If you pay via credit card or Paypal, we will add a 3% fee to cover our cost to process your payment.  However, if you pay by check, you will have to wait until your check clears before we will ship your equipment.  The customer will need to pay any wire transfer fees on either end.

Thank you for considering us for your equipment repair needs.  We stand ready to help in any way we can to keep your legacy gear running reliably.