Michael Patton and Associates is well known for our ability to resurrect old, abandoned, out moded or no-longer-supported gear! We love the challenge of helping broadcasters fix, upgrade and renew equipment without having to expend enormous resources to acquire newer models. Below is partial list of equipment we are always looking to purchase:

  • Nautel AM transmitters, any power level, any vintage.
  • Omnitrornix, LPB, or Continental AM transmitters, any power level.
  • Harris SX or Gates series AM transmitters. 
  • Any module from any of the above transmitters (working or not).
  • Harris Z-series FM transmitter PA modules, working or not.
  • Potomac Instruments antenna monitors.
  • Delta Electronic TCA RF ammeters and TCT toroidal transformers. 
  • EAS receivers from Sage, Burk, TFT, and Dayton

Got a piece of equipment you think MP&A might like to buy? email us!