Transmitter Repair Services:


The transmitter is the heart of any radio station.  Most new transmitters are very expensive-often the largest single purchase most stations ever make.  Many times older transmitters-even those in apparently bad shape--still have a lot of life left in them and can be cost-effectively rebuilt and returned to reliable service.  This is where MP&A can help the broadcaster who needs to make every dollar count, with our years of experience rebuilding and retuning transmitters.  When we rebuild a transmitter, we give it a thorough cleaning, replace all damaged or worn parts, tune it for full power, maximum efficiency, and best audio quality, and verify that all control and overload functions are working properly.  In short, we subject it to all the tests a new transmitter must undergo before it leaves the factory.  That's why we are confident that the transmitters we rebuild are as good as they can be-in many cases as good as new, or even better.

Continental FM TX in for retuning

We have the facility here to repair/retune/rebuild any AM or FM transmitter, up to 50 KW.  We can test and rebuild exciters and driver modules on our bench while refurbishing the main transmitter chassis in our well-lit and air conditioned test bay.

If sending your unit to us is not an option, we can come to you!  We have a lengthy track record of succesful field rebuilding of transmitters, all over the USA and beyond.  It's easier to do it here, but we can certainly bring all our expertise and test gear to bear on your facility, as needed.