Our Personnel:

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Full-Time Employees of the Firm:


Michael Patton - Owner/Chief Engineer

Michael grew up in Jackson, MS, where he began doing engineering work for radio stations while still in High School. After college, he moved to Baton Rouge, where he has lived ever since. Michael has been a consulting engineer since 1982, and during that time has had many milestones, including building the first 50 KW AM in Honduras, building an island-wide chain of FM transmitters in Jamaica, writing several custom computer programs for antenna matching network design, and presenting many papers as well as serving on many panels at NAB and SBE engineering conferences. He is especially proud of his work with AM broadbanding antenna networks, AM directional antennas, and digital studio design & construction.




James Scullin  - Head Bench Technician

James grew up in Baton Rouge in the same neighborhood where Mike lives, where he showed an early interest in computers and electronics.  After high school, he studied computer science and electronics at LSU.  James has worked in a number of jobs in many fields and brings his considerable intellect and wide experience with materials science, equipment fabrication, and electronics design to bear on every project he is involved with.







Anthony Babin - Bench Technician

Anthony grew up in various places but went to high school in Jackson, MS, although many years after Mike was there.  He brings to his job with MP&A a background in consumer electronic equipment repair. Anthony is both very quick with new concepts and a hard worker; his attention to detail is a valued asset.  He and James make a great team, coordinating closely on equipment repair and transmitter rebuilding.









Justin Dominguez  - Fabrication Technician

Justin also grew up in Baton Rouge, joining the Marine Corp after high school.  The Marines sent him around the world and taught him how to service the avionics on F/A-18 jets, and we were lucky enough to hire him once after he got out of the Corp.  Justin worked for us full-time for almost a decade, but is now pursing a career as a firefighter.  Since that's necessarily not a full-time occupation, he still is available to us for fabrication projects and other work, here and sometimes in the field.





 Frank McIntyre  - Company Director

Frank has been working with MP&A over many years in various roles.  These days, in addition to being our IT guru, he runs the business and occasionally grumbles under his breath about numbers and such, but really who's listening?  If you call or send in gear, he'll be the person you interact with, though he wishes he could refer all complaints to the owner, with his warmest regards, he most often attempts to solve problems before that is necessary. As our most common point of communications and entry he keeps a full beard and a ready supply of chewing gum, because you really just never know.







Lynn Dortch - Field Engineer/Product Development Manager

Lynn is a native of Nashville, TN, where he was fascinated with electronics and broadcasting from a very early age.  He has worked in radio and television for most of his career, with a few jaunts into other aspects of electronics.  Lynn is accomplished in all aspects of radio station construction, and his work is extremely neat and his documentation meticulous.  When he's not in the field, Lynn spearheads our efforts to develop new retrofit products and does transmitter retuning.







John McWilliams - Field Engineer / Bench Technician


John is one of our all-around staff members, quite capable of just about anything we, or lighning more likely, chooses to through at him. He also excels on bench repairs, listening to Mike's bad jokes, and adding the necessary insights on various projects in a striking and timely fashion. We are very lucky he agreed to join our team. John is from Pennsylvania, but resides now in Baton Rouge, LA.