Notable Past Projects:

Here's just a few of the many projects we are proud to have been involved with.



 Multi-Station Commercial AM/FM studio build-out (Citywide Broadcasting, Baton Rouge, LA, 1996):  MP&A designed and built a ten-studio, six-station studio facility using innovative wiring techniques borrowed from the telecom industry that have since become widely used in the broadcast business, including extensive use of RJ-type connectors to carry audio and control.


Multi-station Public Radio studio facility (WFPL/WPFK/WUOL, Louisville, KY, 2000): MP&A took over and completed the installation of a digital/analog three-station, ten-studio facility, also with first-class production rooms and newsrooms, and a renowned performance studio.


Major-market Public Radio studio facility (KUHF, Houston, TX 2000): Michael & his associates worked with Logitek and KUHF's engineering staff to implement their vision of a world-class all-digital public radio facility, complete with extensive news and production areas, and a multi-track performance studio.


State News Network Studio/Uplink Facility (Louisiana Network, Baton Rouge, LA, 2005): Michael was privileged to be the designer and MP&A the installation crew for this computer-intensive, highly-automated state news network facility, complete with multiply-redundant uplink.  This facility was completed just in time to serve a key role as distributor of emergency programming to New Orleans-area stations in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


Multi-Station Commercial AM/FM studio buld-out (Entercom (WWL), New Orleans, LA, 2007): MP&A was brought in to complete the build-out of a six-station news-intensive studio facility after the bare-bones installation provided by the equipment manufacturer left this cluster's facility barely usable.


FM Transmitter Sites:

Multi-FM transmitter site (Senior Road Project (KLOL & KSRR), Houston, TX, 1982): Michael Patton was honored to be chosen to build-out two of the nine transmitter rooms, both with complex RF "plumbing" setups, at the Senior Road facility in Missouri City, TX.


Island-wide chain of FM transmitter sites (KLAS, Mandeville, Jamaica, W.I., 1991-2): MP&A worked with CCA and the KLAS engineers to implement a chain of FM transmitter sites, both high and low-power, which covered the major population centers on that island.  As part of this project, Michael custom-wound baluns and phasing harnesses to use consumer receive-only (at least normally) FM antennas to transmit the output of a 20 Watt FM exciter.  With this "rig", KLAS was able to cover the city of Kingston, Jamaica (pop 700,000) with an acceptable signal for many months until its permanent 700 Watt facility could be constructed atop a nearby mountain.  It's amazing what 4000 feet of HAAT can accomplish!


New FM Transmitter Site (KTBT, New Iberia, LA, 1998): MP&A got a chance here to build a first-class FM site from the ground up and close to home for a change, working with the tower crew and building contractor to ensure that no shortcuts were taken.  Due to its isolated location in the Atchafalaya Basin, the site was built to be highly-reliable and survivable, with an aux transmitter, antenna, and generator.


Multi-Station FM Transmitter Facility (WKSJ/WBLX/WJLQ, Mobile, AL/Pensacola, FL, 2005): Here we did all the RF plumbing for a three-station (with provisions for a fourth) combined FM facility, both IBOC (combined using the wideband port of the main combiner) and analog.  A man-lift makes all the difference when you're hangng rigid line from a 25-foot ceiling!


Non-D AM Transmitter Sites:

Broadband AM ATU (antenna tuning unit) (WJDX, Jackson, MS, 1978): This was the first broadband AM matching network designed and constucted by Michael Patton.  In late 2008, Michael had the opportunity to inspect this network and check its tuning; after 30 years it was still working and properly matched with no failures in 30 years!


2.5 KW AM Transmitter Site, from the ground up (KYNG, Springdale, AR, 2007): Due to the expansion of a turkey-processing plant (I couldn't make this stuff up), this station was moved literally across the road from its previous location by MP&A.  We oversaw the installation of the entire site: ground system, tower, building and all equpment.


Two-station diplexer design/construction/installation (WEAL/WPET, Greensboro, NC, 2004): MP&A designed, fabricated and installed a maximally-broad diplexer/dual ATU, all in one cabinet, for these stations.  We also laid in a new ground system as part of this consolidation project.


 AM DA Transmitter Site Rebuilds and Upgrades:

10 KW DA site rebuild/DA tuneup (KXKW, Lafayette, LA, 1988): Michael oversaw the complete rebuild of this six-tower DA facility as one of the last AM DAs to convert to remote control operation.  As part of the project, he wrote custom software to help model the DA's performance and streamline the tuneup process.  Many thanks to Ron Rackley for his many hours of patient telephone support.


50 KW AM DA site rebuld/DA tuneup (WMAC, Macon, GA, 2006): We designed a new phasor and ATUs, then assembled and installed the ATUs, installed the LBA-built phasor, and completely rebuilt the transmitter's installation and control systems, to complete this wholesale rebuild of a classic AM site.


25 KW AM DA upgrade/DA tuneup (KRVA, Dallas, TX, 2007): MP&A modified KRVA's existing phasor and tuning units, then tuned and proofed the array, to complete this upgrade from 5 KW to 25 KW.


50 KW AM DA upgrade (KTNO, Dallas, TX, 2008): This is one we are particularly proud of; we designed, fabricated, and installed/modified the phasor and ATUs at this five-tower DA, to implement an upgrade from 15 KW to 50 KW.  We then tuned and proofed the array.  Along the way we overcame many challenges, including extremely high tower base voltages due to the use of folded unipoles, dense woods near the site where measurements had to be made, and Dallas traffic.


AM DA Transmitter Sites, New:

First 50 KW AM in Honduras (La Voz de Centro America, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C.A., 1982-3): Michael was asked by the folks who bought Wilkinson Electronics after the death of its founder to help clean up some unfinished business: a 2-tower DA project in the Central  American jungle!  Michael made four trips and spent a total of almost two months in that beautiful part of the world making Guffy Wilkinson's vision come alive.  From machinegun-toting guards to deadly snakes, this project was a true adventure--not to mention the technical obstacles that had to be faced and conquered.


4-tower/2-pattern AM DA installation (KQPN, West Memphis, AR, 2006): MP&A supplied a rebuilt phasor and ATU set for this site, then ended up taking over the installation and proofing, as well.  We were able to implement a complex control system (pushbutton day/night/ND), overcome miserable weather and site issues, and provide our client with a stable and reliable site, all on a budget.


4-tower AM DA ground-up installation (KZNX, Austin, TX, 2008): MP&A was in charge of the entire technical installation here, supplying a building, the towers and ground system, the phasor and ATUs, plus all installation and tuning/proofing/filing services.  Our first "night-only" site, and one we are very proud of.


2-tower AM DA facility as General Contractor (WUBR, Baton Rouge, LA, 2009): On this project, MP&A was the GC, handling all the technical tasks plus land clearing and grading, and overseeing all the professionals and subcontractors.  We saw the project from a one-page proposal all the way to a licensed site, overcoming many obstacles along the way.