Studio Construction:


MP&A has built over 135 studios to date; over 35 of them built around digital consoles. Over the years, we have refined our design, wiring and documentation techniques for extreme quality and high efficiency; our wiring techniques are world-class. Studios built by MP&A are ergonomically laid-out, highly flexible, easily upgraded, and exhaustively documented.

When we design and build a studio project, we start with input from your station's programming and engineering personnel about the individual needs of your formats and personnel. We then take and mold that input into an easily built design that solves your problems while being readily serviced and expanded. Our studios retain their high levels of organization, good looks and clean lines well into the future. MP&A will present the details of proposed studio designs for your advance approval, then we build your facility the way you want it to be laid out. Before we consider an installation complete all wiring is tested and re-tested for proper connection and long-term reliability. All functions are verified and we work closely with station operating and engineering personnel to ensure familiarity with the use and service of the equipment.

We hold ourselves to industrial electronics standards for cable management and documentation--much higher quality than your typical radio station studio.  Every wire is labeled.  Every cable has slack.  Every power cord is of the proper length.

From single-studio radio stations to major consolidation studio complexes, we can handle your needs. Let us bid on your next studio project; it's a decision you won't regret.

Check out the picture gallery of some of our past studio projects.

Also, please see our reference list for contact information for past clients who are currently enjoying the studios we built for them.