Equipment for Sale:

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AM Transmitters:

1 KW AM:

  • Harris MW-1A 1 KW AM transmitter, currently on 990 but can be tuned to any frequency.  Tuned and tested: $4800

  • Harris SX-1, 1KW, $5500, any frequency.  New display unit optional, for $500 more. (see the Custom Gear page here for display details).

5 KW AM:

  • Harris SX-5,  we have two, both currently on the low end of the band. $11,500 each on any frequency below 650, $12,500 above 650 kHz.  Our new display is optional, for $500 more. (see the Custom Gear page here for display details).

10 KW AM:

  • Harris DX-10, 10KW currently on 1310 kHz, but can be retuned to any frequency. $26,000 - $29,000 depending on frequency required.


FM Transmitters:

  • Continental Electronics 816R5B, 35KW, with 802A exciter and solid-state IPA, currently on 91.9, but can easily be tuned to any frequency.  This unit has only seen two months' service since we rebuilt it, and is in excellent condition, new tube, new blower, many other new parts. $25,000, negotiable.
  • Energy-Onix ECO-6, 6KW, 3-phase.   Does not have an exciter.  Can be tuned to any FM frequency. We're asking $8000 rebuilt and tuned to your frequency, or can be sold as-is for a to-be-negotiated price.
  • Harris PT5 Platinum series, all solid-state 5KW FM, with a THE-1 exciter, available on any frequency. $10,000 tuned and tested, or can be sold as a parts unit.


All AM & FM transmitters come with a 90-day warranty, tuned and tested on the customer's frequency, unless otherwise negotiated. Please see our Policies & terms for more information.


AM Transmitter parts and modules:

  • PA and PDM modules out of Harris Gates series transmitters; call with your needs

  • MW-1 RF/PA modules, upgraded to lastest revision, with tougher mod transistors, will sell or exchange

  • Various modules out of MW-1 transmitters; call with your needs

  • Various modules out of Harris SX-series transmitters; extensive inventory--call with your needs


Audio Equipment:

  • CRL SEP-400, 4-band audio processor, $385 with new caps, and tested.

  • ATI DA-416 audio distribution amplifier (2), in excellent condition, used $390 each.

  • Innovonics 222 (2), in excellent condition, used and tested, $495 each.


AM RF gear & ATU parts:

  • Multronics phasor cabinet with many parts (2 available), ca 1970, was for ND/DA 4-tower system, can be built out as needed, price depends on configuration, call for a quote.

  • Assorted Delta TCA series AM RF ammeters, call with your needs

  • Assorted Delta TCT series AM RF toroidal transformers, call with your needs

  • Weston 308 thermocouple RF ammeters, various scales, all tested, call for inventory

  • Thermocouple ammeter bypass switches, various types, call with needed type

  • Sangamo RF capacitors, lots, various values and ratings, call with needed types

  • Vacuum capacitors, fixed and variable, call with needed type and value


Test Equipment:

  • Tunwall AM directional coupler/power attenuator set, never used.  Paid $1300, asking $790.

  • Belar AMM-2 modulation monitor, $780 rebuilt and tested.

  • Harris AM-90 modulation monitor, $1195 rebuilt and tested.


Remote Control Equipment:

  • Burk Technology ARC-16 gear (several).  We have standalone units, relay panels, phone interface cards, and various modems.  Price depends on configuration; contact us with your needs for a quote.

  • Potomac TU-16 remote control, both ends, in excellent condition.  Make offer.

  • Sine Systems, RFC-1B with 1 I/O panel, $800.

  • Harris, main/alt transmitter and coax switch control unit, call.


Miscellaneous Equipment:

  • CCA/SVPA 600W solid-state FM amplifier, rebuilt by us, frequency agile.  Needs 5W drive from an exciter. $1900.


All equipment and parts listed here is used unless otherwise noted.  All gear for sale has been tested and verified to be in working order unless otherwise noted.  Many items have been rebuilt or will only be sold tuned to your frequency and set up for your specific needs.  The prices for most items are negotiable, and some items are available either as-is or calibrated and rebuilt, for different prices.  Items can be combined or configured to fit your specific needs.  Please call or email Mike to discuss how our extensive inventory of good used radio gear can serve you.  If you need something you don't see here, contact us and we'll do our best to find it for you.