AM Transmitter Site Construction:


Whether your need is for a simple 1 KW non-directional 1/4-wave stick, or for a multi-tower, multi-station diplexed array, MP&A can bring to the table extensive experience with all aspects of AM transmitter site construction.  We hold a Louisiana Contractors License for Telecommunications, and can serve as General Contractor for your site, or we can supply you with just the technical expertise you need to complete a project handled by a local contractor.  Whether we are the GC or a sub, we strive to ensure that all work under our supervision is done to industry standards or above, and in a fully safe manner.  Our personnel are OSHA-certified for workplace safety concerns.

Towers and Buildings:

MP&A works with several reputable tower erection crews to ensure that the tower work at your site is done right and proper safety guidelines are followed.  MP&A recommends the use of concrete-aggregate pre-fab buildings, which can be pre-built on our lot or built-out at your site.

Directional Antennas:

MP&A has been involved with the construction, tuning, measurement, and report preparation for AM directional antennas since 1977. Along the way we have refined our techniques for coping with the various obstacles that DA field work poses. We have had the honor and the pleasure of working with some of the top names in the business, and have learned a lot from some very smart people. MP&A has a comprehensive set of test and measurement equipment for repairing and proofing AM DA's. The availability of GPS and moving-map software has greatly changed & streamlined how field readings are taken, and we have embraced this new technology fully. We are also experienced with the new Method of Moments FCC Proof methodology.  Whether your need is for a simple partial proof or an entire new facility built from the ground up, MP&A can meet your needs while keeping your costs to reasonable levels.

Ground Systems:

MP&A installs ground systems for AM stations, both non-directional and directional. We have custom-built tools and implements that allow us to quickly and efficiently plow radials, even in rough conditions. All our ground system joints are made with silver-bearing solder for superior corrosion resistance. Our experienced crew can handle your ground system needs, whether you're building a new site or rebuilding an older ground system that has deteriorated. Our engineering expertise means that, unlike many ground system installers, we understand the reasons behind the design concepts and construction techniques of ground systems. You can be sure that the ground system we build for you will be the right one for your site conditions, tower height, and frequency.


Whether we are building a new array or rebuilding an existing one for you, we have the expertise and the test gear to ensure that your VSWR and pattern bandwidth is as good as it can be.  We have rebuilt many directional antenna phasors and ATUs for greatly improved bandwidth compared to their original designs, and all of our new designs take bandwidth into account from the first rough draft on.  As AM technology requires better and better bandwidth for more and more AM stations, it will become imperative for stations with narrowband phasors and/or ATUs-and that means most AMs that were built before 1980-to redesign their matching networks to be broadband. MP&A is ready with the software, test equipment, and expertise to address your broadbanding concerns. We can re-design and rebuild your existing phasor and/or ATUs for maximum bandwidth efficiently and quickly.


MP&A is experienced in installing and tuning diplexers for multiple AM stations on one tower or in a multi-tower DA array.  We have learned the tricks and know well how to properly install and then "tweak" a diplexed system so that is meets FCC requirements, is stable, and still allows for good bandwidth for each station involved.